Spencer Albee

PROFILE-August 2013
By Katy Kelleher
Photographs by Matt Cosby


The Gentleman Rockstar

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Wedding Bands

MUSIC-February Special Wedding Issue 2012
By William Etheridge

The vows have been exchanged, the cake has been cut, and now it is time to dance! Nothing sets the mood for a wedding like the music. Whatever your style, Maine magazine has a band recommendation for you. 

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Phantom Buffalo

MUSIC-January + February 2012
By Sarah Braunstein
Photographs by Michael Winters

House of Wonder: The Enchanted Nostalgia of Phantom Buffalo

In an era characterized by flux, fragmentation, and tireless self-promotion, when musicians invent and reinvent themselves with astonishing speed, Phantom Buffalo has found a way to stay whole, stay real, and stay here—for more than a decade.

Things are looking up for the band. From left to right: Sean Newton, Tim Burns, Philip Willey, and Jon Balzano-Brookes are thrilled to be releasing their next album, Tadaloora, in mid-2012.

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Jacob Augustine

MUSIC-November + December 2011
By Sarah Braunstein
Photographs by Michael Winters

Jacob Augustine: Portrait of the Artist Falling from the Sky 

A native Mainer, Jacob Augustine is a restless soul with big dreams: to protect the earth, make extraordinary music, vitalize his community, and skydive whenever he gets the chance.

"I worry about the state of the planet," Augustine says. Music, for him, is a form of political action: "I want to inspire people."

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Slaid Cleaves

MUSIC-October 2011
By Allison Paige
Photographs by Nicole Wolf


Texas may claim him, but singer-songwriter Slaid Cleaves can’t stay away from Maine. At his remote downeast camp, Cleaves gets back to nature, remembers his roots, and recalls the start of it all, at Portland’s Three Doors of Hell.

The singer-songwriter, not far from his primitive camp near Cherryfield.

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Jason Spooner

MUSIC-July 2011
By Sarah Braunstein
Photographs by Cara Slifka 

On stage, he makes it look easy, and his soulful, blues-rock sound has captivated audiences around the United States. But his success also stems from his energy and DIY mentality, which have impressed critics and fans with each successive release.

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Gypsy Tailwind

MUSIC-June 2011
By Sarah Braunstein
Photographs by Mark Yaggie 

A certain ethos permeates American childhoods: You can become whatever you want to be. Imagination, creativity, curiosity, drive—these are the qualities that matter. Never give up your dream.  But another ethos creeps in later. And for most people it maintains the stronger hold: Stability is what matters. Ownership. A life that’s grounded and secure is the mark of success. Dan Connor of Gypsy Tailwind has lived both lives.

The band recording at halo productions. from left to right: Ben Trout, Colin Winsor, Anna Lombard McGeachey, Chris Dow, Max Cantlin, and Dan Connor.

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