Bailey Island Bridge

November 2015

By: Kelly Chase
Photography: Erin Little

Harpswell Islands Road | Bailey Island

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Wild Safari

November 2015

By: Sandy Lang
Photography: Peter Frank Edwards

It’s so early the sun isn’t up yet over Moosehead Lake. But we are. Coffee is hot in the thermos, and we’re in a truck with a Greenville guide heading north into the Maine woods.

With Moosehead Lake in fall as the backdrop, Chris Young calls to entice a bull moose. He’s the founder of Young’s Guide Service in Greenville.

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Hurricane Island

November 2015

By: Philip Conkling
Photography: Sean Thomas

When you land at Hurricane Island’s granite wharves, you immediately sense
that this is a place that encourages big dreams.

Across Hurricane Sound, Heron Neck Lighthouse looms in the morning fog.

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Capture: Eagle in flight

November 2015

By: Rhon Bell
Photography: Rhon Bell

Everyday moments in Maine documented by those who live in and love our state.

This photograph was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T3.

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Piscataqua River Bridge

October 2015

By: Kelly Clinton
Photography: Sean Thomas

Piscataqua River Bridge

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A City on the Edge

October 2015

By: Katy Kelleher
Photography: Nicole Wolf

A property the size of the Old Port, located on the waterfront, is ready to be transformed into a vibrant urban neighborhood. Is 58 Fore Street the future of Portland? Or will this project be stopped before it even breaks ground?

Casey Prentice walks through “building three” on the property at 58 Fore Street. While some of the buildings on this site are too dilapidated to save, Prentice and his team are committed to honoring the historic integrity of the neighborhood by restoring what they can.

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Weatherby's Weekend

October 2015

By: Sandy Lang
Photography: Peter Frank Edwards

A Fish Story: Grand Lake Stream is a village in the woods surrounded by big water that’s thick with salmon and bass—and it’s teeming with tradition, too

Waders on for fly fishing in Grand Lake Stream, a river famous for its native landlocked salmon.

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