Maine Spirit

March 2015

By: Katy Kelleher
Photography: Nicole Wolf

The forerunner of the temperance movement is now home to some of the most exciting names in craft distilling. With source ingredients from the humble potato to the wild blueberry, these forward-thinking companies are bringing locally grown products off the farm and into your flask.

Ian Michaud of Liquid Riot Bottling Company

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Flavors of Blue

March 2015

By: Sandy Lang
Photography: Peter Frank Edwards

It’s a farm-to-table world and people in Blue Hill—the town and the peninsula—naturally make connections to what’s local and fresh. Food traditions here go way back to the land (and sea). For the weekend, we follow winding roads on the Blue Hill Peninsula to fields and pastures, shops and restaurants to see what’s growing and cooking on the coast.

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Snow Dogs

January 2015

By: Sandy Long
Photography: Peter Frank Edwards

Yelps! Barks! Toboggans are cutting across the white horizon of a frozen and snow-buried Umbagog Lake. It's Winter, the long sleds are loaded, and the huskies are ready to pull.

One of the remote canvas tents on Umbagog Lake

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Life at the 'Loaf

December 2014

By: Jen DeRose
Photography: C. A. Smith Photography

A lifelong skier leaves big-city life and heads for the mountains without looking back


After hiking or skinning to the summit of Burnt Mountain, skiers have access to the 68-acre Androscoggin glade.

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Peace of Mind Inside a Helmet

November 2014

By: Jaed Coffin
Photography: Matt Cosby

Snowmobiling in the St. John Valley

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Boom Town

November 2014

By: Debra Sparks
Photography: Jeff Roberts

The Rise of Commercial Real Estate in Portland

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How Freedom Works

November 2014

By: Philip Conkling
Photography: Fred Field

The Power of New Life at the Freedom Mill

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