Capture: Peaks Island

August 2015

By: Edward Muennich
Photography: Edward Muennich

Everyday moments in Maine documented by those who live in and love our state

For this image of Peaks Island, Edward Muennich used a Samsung Galaxy S4 at an aperture of f/2.2 and a shutter speed of 1/1500 with ISO 50.

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Chebeague: Island Town So Near

August 2015

By: Sandy Lang
Photography: Peter Frank Edwards

The summer natives return year after year, and generation after generation, joining year-round residents who are proudly independent on this Casco Bay island that’s less than two miles by ferry from Yarmouth.

The sandy beach path at Indian Point on Great Chebeague Island.

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Capture: Summer Movie

July 17, 2015

By: Ayumi Horie
Photography: Ayumi Horie

Everyday moments in Maine documented by those who live in and love our state.

“The exposure was f2.8 and 30 seconds and f2.8 and 8 seconds” - Ayumi Horie

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Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul

July 17, 2015

By: Kelly Clinton
Photography: Andrew Cantillo

“An impossible dream come true in the modest city of Lewiston”

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The Revitalization of Waterville

July 2015

By: Matthew Vincent Ambrosino
Photography: Patryce Bak

A Mill Town Story


In 1849, the railroad came to town and cemented Waterville as a textiles power. In 1901, less than a year after opening, the Ticonic Footbridge, also known as the “Two Cent Bridge,” was washed away by high waters. Rebuilt two years later in 1903, the fare for crossing was doubled to two cents, hence its name.

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Capture: Eagle Lake

by Augusto Rosa

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Dinner in the Kennebunks

by Sophie Nelson | Photography by Nicole Wolf

A peek into the beautiful homes of four wonderfully welcoming Maine families


Taranto at the bow of his Kennebunk Beach home

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