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April 2010 – Every month in Eat Maine the staff at Maine magazine will share our knowledge, as well as information garnered from our readers and Eat Maine fans, about the many must-go places to eat in the state. In each edition we’ll highlight a different region in Maine—this month we’re turning to the Twin Cities, with a taste of Old Orchard Beach thrown in to give you a jump start on summer.



They don’t claim to have the highest number of restaurants per capita. They don’t have any James Beard Award winners. That shouldn’t stop you from eating around these towns.


(1) Pizza By Alex
93 Alfred St. | Biddeford |

They haven’t changed a damn thing in over thirty years, and that’s how the locals like it. Their pizzas come in one size only, so deal with it. No? Well then I guess you’re going to have to finish your delightful fountain soda and leave hungry.

(2) The Palace Diner
18 Franklin St. | Biddeford |

A no-frills greasy spoon that boasts the title of “Maine’s oldest diner.” It’s a great breakfast enjoyed among some of “Maine’s oldest people.”

(3) George’s Sandwich Shop
37 Franklin St. | Biddeford |

An online fan proclaimed that they would “recommend George’s to anyone looking for the best Italian sandwich this side of Italy.” Even though this statement is completely absurd, they are actually very good.

(4) Jewel of India
26 Alfred St. | Biddeford | 207.282.5600

Well-made Indian food is actually very hard to come by in Maine, and this place gets it right. Delicately spiced dishes that are rich without being completely overwhelmed with ghee. Also, when was the last time you enjoyed a frosty Beck’s Dark with lunch?

(5) Que Huong Restaurant
49 Main St. | Biddeford |

I am a self-proclaimed “pho addict,” and this place sees to all the little details, like spicy house-made satay paste to liven up the meaty broth.

(6) Dan’s Restaurant
106 Elm St. | Biddeford |

Another Biddeford staple. The food hasn’t changed much over the years. The pricing, however, is a different story. They actually let you choose what you want to pay for entrees and then portion accordingly, which to me is just inviting an argument with a frugal regular.

(7) Mia’s at Pepperell Square
17 Pepperell Square | Saco | 207.284.6427

A modern and refreshing approach to dining amid so many old-school restaurants, Mia’s in Pepperell Square has developed a strong following since it opened in 2007.

(8) The Run of The Mill Tavern
110 Main St. | Saco | 207.571.9648

I could go with a “nothing run of the mill about this place” kind of joke. I could, but I won’t. I will tell you that they have a great burger to go with their handcrafted beers. I will also tell you that it’s near a mill.

(9) Vic & Whit’s Sandwich Shop
206 Main St. | Saco |

Not only are the sandwiches and homemade soups delicious, but they also have one of the best wine selections in southern Maine. Their excellent and complementary tastings are a perfect venue for you to talk loudly and impress everyone with how much you
know about wine.

(10) Rapid Ray’s
189 Main St. | Saco | 207.282.1847

If I were going to re-enact scenes from Back to the Future, I would start here. They grind their own meat, which is the only way you’ll ever get a perfect burger—or three.

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