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Every month in Eat Maine the staff at Maine magazine share our knowledge, as well as information garnered from our readers and Eat Maine fans, about the many must-go places to eat in the state. In each edition we highlight a different region in Maine—this month we’re turning to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. Locals, those from away, and even former presidents know these seaside towns as great places to eat, drink, and relax.

The Wayfarer Restaurant

There’s no better start to a day of unbridled excess like a nice breakfast. It was over a plate of exceptional corned beef hash that my friend and I resisted the temptation to take advantage of being far from home and tell everyone that we were “film producers from Los Angeles.”

2 Pier Rd. | Cape Porpoise | 207.967.8961


The Ramp Bar & Grill

I had just about lost interest in mussels until I tried the Portugese-style offerings at Pier 77’s The Ramp, which were among the best I’ve ever had. Fantastic views and great service go well with the comfortable, sports-themed decor, which did little to renew my interest in sports. One thing at a time, I guess.

77 Pier Rd. | Cape Porpoise | 207.967.8500


Cape Pier Chowder House

While the pleasures of eating scalding, creamy chowder outside in the sun on a really hot day were lost on my companion, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The view of the docks was a nice break from the many wildly idiotic vanity plates in the parking lot across the street.

79 Pier Rd. | Cape Porpoise | 207.967.0123


Arundel Wharf Restaurant

This popular summer spot was jam-packed from open to close.  The crowds didn’t faze me, and eventually I got what I came for—an ice-cold beer and a shot of tequila.

43 Ocean Ave. | Kennebunkport | 207.967.3444


Federal Jack’s Restaurant & Brew Pub

Owned by Shipyard Brewing Company,  “Fed Jack’s,” is a great place to encounter a colorful group of bar patrons. Comfortable and consistent, there’s something for everybody here, especially if you happen to be traveling with the family in tow (I wasn’t).

8 Western Ave. | Kennebunk | 207.967.4322


The Rhumb Line Resort

“When you think there couldn’t possibly be a bar any farther down the road, you’re almost there”—were the directions I received to this hidden local watering hole. My reward was a truly great drinking experience, with a fantastic lobster roll to keep me going.

41 Turbat’s Creek Rd. | Kennebunkport | 207.967.5457


The Pilot House

This no-frills fisherman’s bar has attitude to match, which was just the kind of break I needed from the hordes of children on the streets outside.

4 Western Ave. | Kennebunk | 207.967.9961


The White Barn Inn

I think it’s safe to say that if you’ve been in Maine for any amount of time, you’re familiar with the White Barn’s legendary reputation as one of New England’s great destination restaurants. What you may not know about are the multitude of small details that go into the perfect dining experience. You have to try the only combined AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five Star dining experience north of New York City for yourself.

37 Beach Ave. | Kennebunk | 207.967.2321


Allisson’s Restaurant

While enjoying drinks and quite possibly the best bar peanuts I’d ever had, I perused the extensive menu at this local institution. It was nice to see that, in addition to offerings from smaller and interesting wineries, I could also get a Malibu drink called a “Kick in the Pants” to help wash down my “Justin Timbersteak.”

5 Dock Sq. | Kennebunkport | 207.967.4841


Hurricane Restaurant

Few things reawaken the palate like a plate of oysters and a glass of champagne—and that’s exactly what we needed at this point in our marathon day of eating and drinking. A combination of Maine-based and Asian-influenced cuisine complemented the big-name wine list.

29 Dock Sq. | Kennebunkport | 207.967.9111



Named after a fictional tribe that knew the secret to eternal life, this eatery proved to be to the perfect spot to continue my day of subtracting years off of my own. I highly recommend sitting at the bar and enjoying their exceptional versions of classic pub food. It’s also worth noting that the list here consists of all organic, biodynamic, or sustainably farmed wines.

2 Ocean Ave. | Kennebunkport | 207.967.4994


Stripers Waterside Restaurant

Stunning views of the water complement  the contemporary American menu at the Breakwater Inn & Spa’s fine-dining establishment. A well-considered cocktail menu makes the Sunset Lounge an attractive option for dinner, and this is definitely your best bet for brunch.

131 Ocean Ave. | Kennebunkport | 207.967.5333


Big Fish

Referring to Big Fish as an “open-kitchen” establishment is an understatement, as you are practically inside the kitchen when you sit at the bar. This makes for an amazing, rustic-style dining experience, with standouts such as lobster fried rice, which paired perfectly with several glasses of Albarino.

17 Western Ave. | Kennebunk | 207.967.1198


Old Vines Wine Bar

A comprehensive, interesting wine selection that utilizes the increasing availability of boutique wines paired with a small but delicious menu make this one of my favorite stops in town.

173 Port Rd. | Kennebunk | 207.967.2310


Cape Arundel Inn

There is no better place to relax, drink a bottle of wine on the porch, watch the sunset and enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean. Then again, you may have spent the day keeping up with me, in which case you are probably in no condition to be in public and should probably just rent one of their well-appointed rooms and call it a night.

208 Ocean Rd. | Kennebunkport | 207.967.2125

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