48 Hours

Your guide to weekend escapes all across Maine.

48 Hours in Belfast + Lincolnville

This region of the midcoast offers an enjoyable and laid-back coastal escape with lots of walking trails and public lands to explore, plus a variety of dining options.

48 Hours in Kennebunk + Kennebunkport

The picturesque Kennebunks are filled with historic charm, fishing wharfs, unique boutiques, and some of the best restaurants in southern Maine, nestled together along the coastline

48 Hours in Greenville

This community-minded town at the edge of Maine’s largest lake serves as the gateway to the Moosehead Lake region, providing numerous outdoor recreation activities throughout the year.

48 Hours in Camden + Rockland

The midcoast’s natural beauty has inspired generations, and its heritage of marine industry and fine arts continues to thrive in this quintessential region of Maine.

48 Hours in Caribou + Saint John Valley

With wide-open landscapes, pristine lakes, and a rich culture and history, the Saint John Valley provides inexhaustible options for weekend trips to Maine’s northern corner.

48 Hours in Freeport + Yarmouth

A pair of coastal towns just north of Portland, Freeport and Yarmouth offer a range of outdoor activities, extensive shopping, and creative cuisine.

48 Hours in Bangor

Located on the Penobscot River, Bangor’s downtown is vibrant with restaurants and shops; plenty of cultural and outdoor recreation experiences round out the city’s charm.