All the Way Down East

With its dramatic cliffs and seaside forests, the Bold Coast provides an experience unlike anything else in Maine

One of the first sights of the ocean and dramatic coastline after a hike through the forest. It’s a great spot to catch a sunrise and begin a day of exploring along the rest of the Bold Coast Trail.

Perhaps one of Maine’s best-kept secrets is the Bold Coast. “The blend of monumental stone cliffs, clean ocean, and thick forest is unmatched to anything I’ve seen on the East Coast,” says photographer Max Ablicki. In October he and his girlfriend spent three days car camping and exploring stone bluffs and dense spruce growth on and around the Bold Coast Trail, capturing it all with a 35 mm film camera. “The more you wander the trail, the more you begin to wonder if you’re still in Maine,” says Ablicki. “You start to feel as if you’ve stumbled into some epic, undiscovered coastline from an old sailor’s tale.” Ablicki visits the area at least twice a year; it was one of the places that opened his eyes to the sheer diversity of what Maine has to offer. Located near the eastern tip of Maine and part of Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land, the Bold Coast Trail stretches nearly ten miles, with tenting sites and breathtaking views the entire way. During their latest trip, the couple explored the surrounding areas of Lubec, Eastport, and Calais, where they found a network of back roads with endless ocean views. Along the way they found charming breakfast spots, retired sardine factories, and seals (in Lubec Narrows) basking in the October sun. “It’s a place that gives me inspiration and makes me thankful for our incredible public lands; it furthers my appreciation for the environment,” says Ablicki. “I urge anyone who wants to visit to make the trip and experience it, and at the same time, consider the importance of preserving, respecting, and enjoying these beautiful public lands.”

Ablicki’s Toyota Land Cruiser became a simple camp on wheels for the weekend, with sleeping pads and sleeping bags, extra blankets, backpacking meals, and a lot of coffee. The couple spent their days exploring all that the Bold Coast had to offer and spent nights under the stars.

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