Every day we comb through our Instagram feed to find images from followers documenting our state. On Instagram we share a capture of the day, and each month in Maine magazine we highlight one of those photos.

“Spring is one of my favorite seasons at Sugarloaf. The skiing is amazing, and it seems as if everyone is energized after being released from the multiple layers worn to keep warm during the winter months. Riding up the lift, you see and hear friends laughing and smiling as they make turns in the soft spring bumps below. This was one of those perfect days. After skiing all day with friends, I participated in the Mountain to Mug race, a mad dash from the top of the hill to the bottom, followed by a run down the Access Road to the Rack BBQ. The deck was packed with people cheering on the racers and celebrating one of the last weekends of the season.

Mother Nature could not have provided a better send-off. As the day ended and the sun began to set, you could see the sky was about to transform. Carrabassett Valley has some of the most incredible sunsets I have ever seen, but three or four times a year, they are especially amazing. This evening was one of those times. I excused myself from the conversation I was in, jumped in my car, and drove a short distance to a semi-secluded spot just off the Access Road. I parked my car, grabbed my camera, and climbed up to the top of a sand pile to look up at the mountain and take it all in. The color splash of pink, white, green, and orange, highlighted by the sunset’s reflection in the bog, was intense. I had waited all winter to capture this exact moment. On a day full of reminders about why I moved to the valley, this moment was still the best.”