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On a warm day in November my friend and I traveled to the Schoodic Peninsula to explore Raven’s Nest in Acadia National Park. We hiked along the coast for a half hour, scouting for potential sunset locations, even though I knew I wanted to shoot the Nest. The jagged coastline and shear drop-offs at Raven’s Nest make for dramatic images. While my friend was at the end of the point, I snapped a couple pictures to emphasize the scale of the coastline. For this image, I used a neutral density filter and a three-second exposure to smooth out the small waves crashing. There have been many times when foul weather prevented me from photographing this location. That’s when I like to sit back and appreciate the beauty without having to search for a good composition.

Cody Lyons is 22-year-old grad- uate of the University of Maine’s civil engineering program who lives in the Bangor area. When not working, he is exploring and photographing Maine. He recent- ly returned from a 9,100-mile road trip to 16 national parks with photographer friends. Follow Cody on Instagram @clyons207.