Marc Chalufour is a writer and editor based in Boston and an amateur photographer whose mind is always in Maine. You can follow him on Instagram @mchalu4.

Once my wife and I realized how long we’d likely be working from home because of the pandemic, we decided to relocate for a few months from Boston to my old hometown in South Addison, Maine. Getting out of the city gave our toddler, who had taken her first steps just weeks earlier, a place to run around and experience nature. We took almost daily walks up Mooseneck Road to see the animals that a neighbor raises. We watched their pigs sleep in the mud, peeked into their chicken house, and—to our daughter’s delight—met some of the sheep they raise year-round on nearby Nash Island. I usually brought my camera on these walks, hoping to catch a glimpse of the resident bald eagle or a great blue heron in the harbor. On this October afternoon, one of our last in Maine for the year, we spent a long time watching the sheep from the side of the road. Dozens were spread across the meadow, but this cluster was perfectly formed in front of these trees and an old shack. I love the composition of this shot, but more so how it represents a spot that meant so much to my family during a challenging year.

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