Bright by the Beach

Kelsey and Ryan Jackson weren’t planning to buy a house near Higgins Beach. They had just sold their camp on the shores of Sebago Lake a few months before, but when they heard about this charming little cottage, they thought … Continue reading

Creative on the Cape

Here’s a conundrum: Let’s say you buy a house near the ocean, a perfect little shingle-sided Cape with access to the beach. You’ve been a water worshipper all your life, and you want your house to sing to the nearby surf … Continue reading

A Peak at Sunday River

Just off the access road, not far from ski-bum meccas and rental shops, across a bridge over river rock, a dormer peaks up from a bend in Vista Road. Only upon turning down the driveway on the flipside of that … Continue reading

Let the Light In

If you spend a lot of time driving around Maine, you’ll likely begin to notice the odd barns, the ones with big square windows that have no reason to exist in a building for livestock. Cows and goats don’t need … Continue reading

Going All Out

“It was like Christmas every day when we moved in,” says tech entrepreneur Bob Neveu. “You’d open a drawer in the kitchen and it was like opening a present. Here’s a spatula and a whisk! Here’s a mixer!” He laughs … Continue reading

Bunk House

The first bite of chocolate-banana crumb cake melts in my mouth. It’s freshly baked and served on a little white plate painted with a pair of skis. I wash down that soft, crunchy, sweet, and salty morsel with a swig … Continue reading

Beautiful Imperfections

“Nothing is too precious,” says Heidi Lachapelle. We’re sitting at her kitchen island drinking cups of bitter, nutty coffee, and she has just explained the ethos of her home. She is referring specifically to the Carrara marble countertops. “They have … Continue reading