Let the Light In

If you spend a lot of time driving around Maine, you’ll likely begin to notice the odd barns, the ones with big square windows that have no reason to exist in a building for livestock. Cows and goats don’t need … Continue reading

Going All Out

“It was like Christmas every day when we moved in,” says tech entrepreneur Bob Neveu. “You’d open a drawer in the kitchen and it was like opening a present. Here’s a spatula and a whisk! Here’s a mixer!” He laughs … Continue reading

Bunk House

The first bite of chocolate-banana crumb cake melts in my mouth. It’s freshly baked and served on a little white plate painted with a pair of skis. I wash down that soft, crunchy, sweet, and salty morsel with a swig … Continue reading

Beautiful Imperfections

“Nothing is too precious,” says Heidi Lachapelle. We’re sitting at her kitchen island drinking cups of bitter, nutty coffee, and she has just explained the ethos of her home. She is referring specifically to the Carrara marble countertops. “They have … Continue reading

There’s Magic in the Trees

When Lindy Snider was a little girl, she dreamt of walking through a wardrobe door and into Narnia, a land where trees talk to brave children, Father Christmas is real, and birds and badgers are natural allies. The Lion, the … Continue reading

Family Style

Personal style is a tricky thing to develop, and it’s even harder to create a cohesive family style, one that meets the needs of all members and pleases each individual palate. Art that sends joy rippling through a 20-something painter … Continue reading

Across the Pond

Two days after Laura and Simon Bindloss got engaged on the shores of Bonny Eagle Pond in Buxton, they “flew to opposite corners of the earth” (as Laura puts it). Simon was headed back to London, where he worked in … Continue reading

Something Old, Something New

One day back in 2015, John Jefferson was busy removing siding from his old barn in Sidney when he found an unexpected piece of history lurking in the walls. He peeled back the old cedar shakes to reveal pages and pages … Continue reading

Celebrating Big Skies

Twelve miles from the mainland, overlooking the Lanes Island Preserve, stands a grand white house named Rockaway. Neoclassical corner boards flank the front steps, and two tall spruces stand guard nearby, towering over a gabled roof and reaching toward the … Continue reading