Mixed Company

Built to house and entertain a crowd, this Sunday River getaway is packed with thoughtful architectural details, natural materials, and newly made family memories.

Old Stones, New Love

A pair of architects transforms a neglected Lewiston landmark into a modern, moody, dreamy apartment.

Slope-Side Story

Boston-based newlyweds recreate childhood memories and craft plenty of new ones on the West side of Sugarloaf.

Everyday Glamour

On the green outskirts of Portland, the Seder family is slowly renovating their dream home, one project at a time.

Peak Experience

At Tops’l Farm, Sarah and Josh Pike have built a clever campground and event space in laid-back farmhouse style.

Bright by the Beach

A couple from Cape Elizabeth builds their dream vacation home on the sandy shores of Higgins Beach

Creative on the Cape

Sunny California style brightens up a cozy cottage by the sea