Family Style

Personal style is a tricky thing to develop, and it’s even harder to create a cohesive family style, one that meets the needs of all members and pleases each individual palate. Art that sends joy rippling through a 20-something painter … Continue reading

Across the Pond

Two days after Laura and Simon Bindloss got engaged on the shores of Bonny Eagle Pond in Buxton, they “flew to opposite corners of the earth” (as Laura puts it). Simon was headed back to London, where he worked in … Continue reading

Something Old, Something New

One day back in 2015, John Jefferson was busy removing siding from his old barn in Sidney when he found an unexpected piece of history lurking in the walls. He peeled back the old cedar shakes to reveal pages and pages … Continue reading

Celebrating Big Skies

Twelve miles from the mainland, overlooking the Lanes Island Preserve, stands a grand white house named Rockaway. Neoclassical corner boards flank the front steps, and two tall spruces stand guard nearby, towering over a gabled roof and reaching toward the … Continue reading

Narrative Structure

The house came first. Then, seeping from its sea-spray-weathered walls and dripping from graceful rooflines, came the inklings of an idea, a niggling desire to write. Then came George Nixon Black, striding into Jane Goodrich’s mind, a smartly dressed character of … Continue reading

Welcome Home

Peter Kohler fondly remembers the winter weekends of his childhood, days of floury snow and thrilling speed. His family started visiting Sugarloaf in the early 1960s, back when T-bar lifts dominated and brown-bag lunches were standard. His family’s accommodations were similarly … Continue reading

Big Plans, Big Views

“There’s a theme to our house,” says Stacey Edelstein as she wraps her hands around a steaming mug of coffee. “I don’t ever want to take out a bottle of Windex if I don’t have to.” Her husband, Rob Edelstein, laughs and … Continue reading

Checks and Balances

When Tyler Karu moved into her home in Falmouth Flats, she knew she wanted to keep the color palette simple and neutral, with one exception. “Blue is my jam,” says the interior designer. She’s sitting with her feet curled up … Continue reading

Heart and Home

In Leeann and Tom Leahy’s house, in the downstairs powder room against a backdrop of cherry-red seahorses and blue mermaids, hangs a framed real estate advertisement. “An Old Shipmaster’s Mansion,” it reads. “Built in 1792, restored in 1921, and located in the heart of the old … Continue reading