Living on the Ledge

Phil Rose, a retired English teacher and Machiasport poet, built the Prowhouse on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic with little more than his bare hands and a poet’s pension. Today, this spirit lives on in his son’s stewardship of the … Continue reading

Rocking the Boat

A father-son team builds a houseboat made for off-the-grid, on-the-water living.

Inland to Island

On Littlejohn Island, a longtime Yarmouth couple discovers the upshot of downsizing. 

About Tide

In a pair of tiny fish houses, two brothers and their families spend summers together on the water. When home is a shack on stilts over the water in a tidal estuary, your days are ruled by the rise and … Continue reading

Masters of Ceremony

If houses are measured in square feet, then homes ought to be measured in heart. At 850 square feet, Rhonda and Ben Birkbeck’s Yarmouth house is relatively small, but the size of the home they’ve created there? Encompassing. Abundant. Full. … Continue reading