Aroostock County


The stars always look brighter when you’re farther away from the city. When we were invited to stay at a friend’s family camp in Aroostook County this past October, I had to take advantage of the opportunity. This shot was taken in … Continue reading

Scenic Drives

May 2015 By: Kelly Clinton Photography: Peter Frank Edwards   Fred Michaud, scenic byways coordinator for the Maine Department of Transportation, explains to be called a byway, routes have to be scenic, of course, but also have to have cultural, … Continue reading

Aroostook County

I am heading up I-95 to spend the weekend in Aroostook County. I bring my dad along; he has snowmobiled all over Maine, and he knows what’s what when it comes to trail riding. As we climb north, way north, … Continue reading

Nordic Winter

TRAVEL – January 2014 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards This part of vast Aroostook County can quickly turn into a winter wonderland—especially at a Swedish-style lodge and trails situated more northerly than Montreal, and practically due east … Continue reading

The County Line

FEATURE-October 2013 By Jaed Coffin Photographs by Fred Field The thirteen-decade farming heritage of the McCrum family   Darrell McCrum—great-great-grandson of Lemuel McCrum, great-grandson of Darrell McCrum, grandson of Dana McCrum, and son of Jay McCrum—is the vice president of operations … Continue reading

Aroostook County

48 HOURS-March 2013 Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Susan Grisanti + Steve Kelly     Susan Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief Over the years I’ve heard much folklore about the “The County”: how different it is from the southern part of the state, … Continue reading