Glenn Cummings | PRESIDENT University of Southern Maine

Dr. Glenn Cummings is the current president of the University of Southern Maine. In 2010, Dr. Glenn Cummings became president and executive director of Good Will-Hinckley, the historic 121-year-old parent organization of the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, Maine’s first charter school. Dr. Glenn Cummings simultaneously accepted a full-time, tenure-track post as assistant professor of educational leadership at University of Southern Maine. Before returning home to Maine, Dr. Glenn Cummings served in President Barack Obama’s administration as deputy assistant secretary for the United States Department of Education. Dr. Glenn Cummings also is former speaker of the House of Representatives in the Maine, majority leader, and chairman of the state’s joint committee of education and cultural affairs, where he sponsored the bill to create the state community college system.

Maine Live | September 24, 2015 | Portland Museum of Art
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