Headland Homestead

Welcome to Headland Homestead, a small scale industrial hemp farm located along the Androscoggin River in Durham, Maine. The land Headland Homestead rests upon has been passed down along three generations; from grandmother, to mother, and now to daughter, and owner, Chelsea Wallace. The homestead grew out of the hope to work diligently with the land and resources it provides, and by doing so, enable Chelsea and her small family (husband, Pat, and young daughter) to spend valuable time together in a place they love.

As a small farm, Headland Homestead’s focus is on quality over quantity. All planting, harvesting, and processing is done by hand and with a crew of family and friends.  With a foundation of amazing genetics, hard work, and the determination to operate in tandem with nature to support the growth of the best industrial hemp possible, Headland Homestead’s annual harvest is utilized within their own line of handcrafted, full-spectrum hemp products. Each batch of product is small to ensure precision potency, bottled carefully by hand, and packaged with recyclable and/or reusable materials.

Now in their third year of operations, Headland Homestead is looking forward to continued growth and new opportunities. The near future  will include the release of exciting new products and the open availability for both white label partnerships and new wholesale accounts. And as the family and farm grows, Headland Homestead hopes to welcome curious visitors to the land for workshops and other educational experiences! So, stay tuned, reach out with any questions, and check out their socials to learn more!


Durham, Maine