For the Greater Good

Portland restaurateur and pastry chef Ilma Lopez says kindness is needed to save the city’s restaurants

Love Letters to Maine | Aaron Harris

Dear Maine, I was pretty over you back in 1996 when I left for Boston to pursue a career in music. I had just graduated from Morse High School in Bath and worked all summer to save enough money to … Continue reading

The Evolution of the “Ayuh” People

To get through this difficult time, we’ll have to rely on the attributes that make a Mainer a Mainer

Brand Steward

L.L.Bean president and CEO Stephen Smith on the future of retail, how the company adapts to a disrupted industry, and his woodworking obsession

Embracing Maine’s Outdoors in a Pandemic

Maine magazine's new columnist Bill Green reflects on his long career in front of the camera and the role of the outdoors today

Love Letters to Maine | Tim Glidden

OK, Maine. Let’s get the hard part out of the way fast: I was born in Pampa, Texas. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. Woody Guthrie once lived in Pampa, so it must have some redemptive qualities. I stuck … Continue reading

Born to Sail

From transatlantic sails to surviving a shipwreck, Rob Windsor has made a career out of his love of sailing

Shared Mission

Maine Audubon executive director Andrew Beahm on why he traded Bean boots for binoculars

The Small Blessing of Being Seen

Photographer Jocelyn Lee captures often-overlooked forms of beauty with tenderness and respect

Portraits on Monhegan

Facing obstacles 12 miles out to sea is a way of life for the island’s year-round residents