The Woman Behind the Curtain at the State Theatre

Maine's biggest concert promoter Lauren Wayne, on what it's been like to run the State Theater during a pandemic, and why she moved to Portland 20 years ago.

Love Letters to Maine | Hayley Brown

Dear Maine, With your thousands of miles of coastline, it isn’t hard to come across a fishing community. Commercial fishing is a part of your history. More often than not, fishing is passed down from one generation to another. These … Continue reading

Patrick Dempsey Cultivates his Maine Roots

Patrick Dempsey Cultivates his Maine Roots The actor tells us lessons he learned while growing up in Maine and what keeps him returning to his home state. by Katherine EnglishmanPhotography by Christina Wnek Issue: March/April 2021 Patrick Dempsey’s roots run … Continue reading

Love Letters to Maine | Kerry Gallivan

Dear Maine, We first met on the grey sand beaches of Wells. You introduced my childhood imagination to tide pools. I thought they were my own personal aquarium. Each day they were restocked, again and again. You gave me friendships. … Continue reading

The Changemaker

A year after her historic election, Lewiston city councilor Safiya Khalid serves as an inspiration to other young immigrants in her hometown.

Love Letters to Maine | Cindy Soule

Dear Maine, Your teachers have flexed with creativity, perseverance, and compassion to deliver instruction in ways that are assuredly different from the past. In moments of vulnerability, we have leaned on one another and found solutions to barriers. Together, we have demonstrated a … Continue reading

Meet the Hosts of WeGo

Kat Englishman and Miss Maine Carolyn Brady tell us what they’re most looking forward to doing on Maine magazine’s new video series.

Love Letters to Maine | Beth Greenlaw Shissler

Dear Maine, I have never loved you more than I do today. Sure, I’ve tested the waters elsewhere—I’ve lived in six states and traveled to many countries—but you are home to me. My great-great-grandparents came from Aroostook County, Isle au … Continue reading

Interview: Man of the Mountain

Man of the Mountain From operating lifts to ski patrolling, Erik McClure has helped keep Sugarloaf running for more than a quarter-century by Paul KoenigPhotography by Nicole Wolf Issue: November 2020 One winter while in college, Erik McClure moved up … Continue reading