Kate Smith

STYLE-September 2009
Photograph by Elizabeth Atterbury

Name: Kate Smith
Age: 34
Location: 131 Middle St., Portland


What are you up to? Where are you off to?
I’m off to work in the garden and later, hopefully, to the bar at Evangeline

Where do you live? How long have you lived there?
West End, Portland, 2 years

Why do you live in Maine?
Lakes you can swim in, snowstorms, secret spots, and amazing people

What do you do?
Buyer, stylist, and gardener

Are you an authority/expert on any subject/skill? What?
The relationship between Maxwell Perkins and Thomas Wolfe

The most fashionable thing you own is a…
Quilted wool and leather corset

What’s your footwear? 
Rubber boots

Do you grow/hunt any of your own food?
I grow most of my own vegetables in the summer

Winter is for…
Lazing around in your underwear and wool socks

Where do you go to get away?
Tenants Harbor and New York City

Who inspires you?
Lee Bontecou, Cig Harvey, Todd Field and Serena Rathbun, Warren Seelig, Cai Guo-Chang, CSNY, Kieran Ionescu, Max Ascrizzi, Sarah Ruddy, Martin Puryear

What are you reading?
An Alphabet for Gourmets by M. F. K. Fisher

Describe your style.
I like to wear beautiful things without keeping them too precious.

Maine is…

Tell me about the last thing you fixed…
Cabbage with brown butter and a cup of poppy tea


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