What We’re Reading-September

BOOKS-September 2011
Illustration by Eric Hou

Newly published from Maine: Recent favorites by local authors


The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You
Eli Pariser, Penguin
In this new release, Eli Pariser, erstwhile executive director of Moveon .org and a pioneer in the online political movement, details the inner workings of the Internet and how this hugely influential “medium built around the open flow of ideas is closing in on itself under the pressure of commerce and ‘monetization.’” In a word: illuminating.

I Married You for Happiness
Lily Tuck, Atlantic Monthly
Clutching her deceased husband’s cold hand, the narrator shuffles through memories of her partner—from trivial to tragic—while struggling to cope with his unexpected death. In her first novel since winning the National Book Award, Lily Tuck crafts a heartfelt and melancholy memento of love and loss that confronts the possibilities of what might exist after death.

Cabin: Two Brothers, a Dream, and Five Acres in Maine
Lou Ureneck, Viking
After a series of middle-age setbacks, college professor Lou Ureneck purchases a small piece of land in western Maine and very diligently—taking full advantage of fleeting time off—crafts a simple post-and-beam cabin with the help of his brother. Ureneck finds solace in the quiet woods and uses the process of assembling a structure from scratch to rebuild his own personal foundation in life.

Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: Seeking History and Hidden Gems in Flea-Market America
Maureen Stanton, Penguin
Out of a world where price tags accumulate zeros at Martha Stewart’s word and values plummet without fair warning comes the story of one man’s attempt to make a living, and—just maybe—make it big. Through trailing her antiques-dealer friend and gleaning tips from his vast experience, Maureen Stanton learns more than she bargained for about navigating flea markets.

Maine’s Museums: Art, Oddities and Artifacts
Janet Mendelsohn, Countryman Press
In her thorough, affectionate, and engaging exploration of Maine’s obscure and popular museums, Janet Mendelsohn provides an excellent guide to navigating Maine’s wealth of history and art. The book eloquently reminds us of Maine’s dedication to its art, culture, and history, and the importance of looking back as we continue to move forward.

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