Clayton Rose

President of Bowdoin College

Clayton Rose believes education is an opportunity everyone should have, and at Bowdoin College he helps make this a reality. “At Bowdoin, I am deeply proud of our bedrock commitment to ensuring that the best students can come here regardless of their financial situation,” the college president says. Having strong endowment support allows the school to have need-blind admission, no loan requirement in financial aid packages, and a commitment to meet students’ full demonstrated need for all four years. Rose says Bowdoin’s connection to Brunswick and to Maine as a whole makes it a stronger school. “It is quite special to be tied so deeply to our local community and to do this work in Maine, where integrity, authenticity, and a respect for the natural world align with the values of the college,” he says. These values are ones Rose hopes students take with them when they graduate. He believes students leave Bowdoin prepared to understand the global world they’re entering and to engage with it thoughtfully. He also believes the college prepares students for any occupation, although he realizes many young people choose to leave Maine. The key to changing this is to create support that will make people want to stay as well as draw in new people. “We need to support education at every level and in every part of our state, from pre-K through graduate programs,” Rose says. “This commitment to education is what will create the kind of workforce that draws employers to the state and encourages entrepreneurial activity.”

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