John Hathaway

John Hathaway | CEO and President of Shucks Maine Lobster

“I’m a better dreamer than a businessman,” says John Hathaway, CEO and president of Shucks Maine Lobster, but his business record is impressive. After opening companies all over the world, including a successful real estate development firm, Hathaway returned to his home state of Maine to open Shucks Maine Lobster, a business that supplies raw lobster meat to international and local companies. Soon after it had started, Shucks won two Seafood Prix d’Elite Awards at the Brussels Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing= Global for the best new seafood product. Shucks now employs about 80 people in Maine. For Hathaway, lobster symbolizesMaine, and selling lobster at fair prices in an expanded market can impact industries from fishing to tourism. He worked to classify Maine lobster as certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and is currently the president of the Fund for the Advancement of Sustainable Maine Lobster, a client group of the MSC. “I believe people should follow their passion, and I’m passionate about Maine lobster,” says Hathaway. Festivals also promote Maine branding abroad, Hathaway says, and so he created the Shucks Maine Lobster Chef World Series. Hathaway has also served as a state senator. He often advises young people, “Dream about what you want your life to be. If you open the first door, you’ll see others.”

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