October 2009
By Joe Ricchio


01 Green Thumb Farm Russet
One of the primary varieties produced in “The County,” considered by many to be perfect for fries because of their high starch content. Poaching them in duck fat prior to frying them never hurt anyone either.
Eaten at  Duckfat | 43 Middle St. | Portland | 207.774.8080 | duckfat.com

02 Peruvian Purple
Not only are these a mind-blowing color, they also make exceptional chips. Serve them at a dinner party and everyone will think you’re “edgy.”
Eaten at  Local 188 | 685 Congress St. | Portland | 207.761.7909 | local188.com

03 Baby Carolla
This extremely versatile variety is native to Germany. Smooth and creamy in texture, with beautiful golden skin, I’m taking these beauties home with me.
Eaten at  Hugo’s Restaurant | 88 Middle St. | Portland | 207.774.8538 | hugos.net

 04 Russian Banana Fingerling
This variety of fingerling has a rich, nutty flavor. Low starch content makes it ideal to roast or purée.
Eaten at  Whole Foods Market | 2 Somerset St. | Portland | 207.774.7711 | wholefoodsmarket.com

05 Cranberry Red
These red skinned, red-fleshed potatoes are perfect for roasting. Also referred to as the “All Red,” their buttery texture produces amazing—and pink—mashed potatoes.
Eaten at  Lily Bistro | 421 Main St. | Rockland | 207.594.4141 | lilybistromaine.com

06 Red Norland
The creamy gold standard for new potatoes, it’s hard to imagine what you can’t do with them. Perfect for home fries in the morning, washed down with a sea of mimosas.
Eaten at  Five Fifty-Five | 555 Congress St. | Portland | 207.761.0555 | fivefifty-five.com

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