A-LIST-March 2010
By Joe Ricchio
Photographs by Maria Alexandra Vettese


01 Vanilla
If I’m anywhere near Cumberland Avenue during one of my cupcake attacks, this is my go-to—although I don’t recommend eating them while driving.
Katie Made Bakery | 147 Cumberland Ave. | Portland | 207.771.0994 |  

02 The Ricchio
Twinkie cupcake with pork-lard frosting topped with bacon toffee? Well worth every year it will deduct from your life expectancy.
One Fifty Ate Bakery | 158 Pickett St. | South Portland | 207.799.8998

03 Chocolate with Salted Caramel Frosting
These were the favorite at one of my recent cupcake club meetings. We all agreed that the frosting was to die for!
Buttercup Cupcake Co. | Portland | 207.228.3304

04 Chocolate
There’s nothing like a few of these cupcakes and some of their delicious homemade doughnuts before you take off your shirt and go to the beach.
Clara’s Cupcake Cafe | 2 Beach St. | York Beach | 207.361.6300 |

05 Red Velvet
There’s a festive cupcake party with all of your imaginary friends in every delightful mouthful—and they’re nice to look at.
Two Fat Cats Bakery | 47 India St. | Portland | 207.347.5144 |

06 Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting
I like the heartiness of the carrot cake, and I like cream cheese frosting on almost anything, so you can’t go wrong here.
Chase’s Daily | 96 Main St. | Belfast | 207.338.0555

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