A-LIST-May 2010
By Joe Ricchio
Photographs by Kristen Teig


01 Allagash Interlude
Aged in French oak wine barrels, it has a beautiful balance of sweet and tart, with bubbles that remind me very much of Champagne. It will age well, for those of you who have any kind of patience, unlike myself (on both counts). The Lion’s Pride, Brunswick

02 Andrews Brewery St. Nick’s Porter
Intense flavors of coffee, chicory, and smoke make this an ideal accompaniment to a big plate of BBQ. It’s a drier-style porter, so still very approachable even when it’s hot outside. The fact that many people purchase this beer because of the adorable golden retriever on the label makes me angry.
Oak Hill Beverage, Scarborough

03 Atlantic Brewing
Brother Adam’s Braggot Honey Ale Definitely on the sweeter side, it’s got pleasant floral and honey notes with fairly high alcohol content. I would save it for after dinner, when you’ve donned your smoking jacket and are relaxing by the fire.
Downeast Beverage, Portland

04 Maine Beer Company
Spring Peeper Hops and clean citrus flavors dominate the palate with just a hint of flowers in one of the most refreshing beers I’ve ever tasted. After only being around for a short time, this brewery has established itself as a contender in the Maine beer scene.
Provisions, Brunswick

05 Bar Harbor Brewing
Cadillac Mountain Stout Regarded by many aficionados as one of Maine’s best, and I can see why. A medium- bodied stout with notes of coffee and baking chocolate, with a pleasant bitterness that leaves you wanting a lot more. You bought the bigger bottle, right?
RSVP, Portland

06 Marshall Wharf Attenuator Doppelbock
Any of this brewery’s offerings are worth seeking out: have one taste of the Doppelbock and you’ll see why. The sweet malt and caramel flavors make it so insanely drinkable that you may forget how high in alcohol it is until it’s too late. Novare Res, Portland

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