A-LIST-April 2010
By Joe Ricchio
Photographs by Maria Alexandra Vettese

01 Bogusha’s Polish Deli Fresh Kielbasa
This is about as simple as it gets: pork with garlic, salt, and pepper. Perfect with Chrzan, a Polish horseradish condiment, rye bread, and a double shot of ice-cold vodka on an empty stomach.
825 Stevens Ave. | Portland | 207.878.9618

02 Sausage Kitchen Smoked Irish Banger
It’s hard not to recklessly reference stereotypical “Irish” things, so I’m going to just tell you that I enjoy these for breakfast. There may or may not be a Guiness involved.
36 Main St. | Lisbon Falls | 207.353.5503 | 

03 Pat’s Meat Market Caribbean Banger
This versatile offering balances sweet and spicy. It’s so good that it just makes you wonder, “Why would you ever be a vegetarian?”
484 Stevens Ave. | Portland | 207.772.3961 | 

04 Nosh Kitchen Bar Blood Sausage
When I start thinking about the blood- sausage poutine at Nosh, I start thinking about how they’re going to have to surgically remove the smile from my face. It sounds so wrong, but who cares?
551 Congress St. | Portland | 207.553.2227 | 

05 Black Locust Farms Goat Chorizo
I’ve always enjoyed goat meat, but I was worried it may be a little too lean for the job here. Turns out old Mr. Goat showed up for work, with a little paprika in tow, and made some damn good chorizo.
15 Old County Rd. | Washington | 207.845.2722 | 

06 E.W. Mailhot Hot Italian Sausage
A consistent, mildly spicy, go-to when your options are limited to shopping at the supermarket. I like to say that it’s a great way to bring “Lewiston’s finest” to your dinner table.
258 Bartlett St. | Lewiston | 207.786.2454

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