Island Harvest

The fields are green and gold, unfurling from beneath a modern timber-frame barn toward the shores of the Fox Islands Thorofare. An iconic New England stone wall climbs and dips across the land, where Native Americans lived more than 6,000 … Continue reading

Frozen Face-Off

A luminous moon and a sprinkle of stars have emerged above the trees that encircle Messalonskee Lake. Shuffling carefully across its frozen surface, shadowy figures break through plumes of mist, as the warmth of their breath quickly dissipates in the sharp … Continue reading

Kitchen Table Wellness

Feeling a little under the weather, or simply hoping to maintain wellness during cold season? Our state’s farmers, producers, and merchants offer a variety of sustainably harvested plant-based and natural products to help you ward off winter woes, from immune-boosting … Continue reading

Do As I Say And As I Do

Most mornings I am up before the sun, running the cracked pavement of our small Maine island. With the salty ocean air filling my lungs and the calls of birds as a soundtrack, I connect to the world before I head … Continue reading

The Sugarloaf Way

A crowd has gathered on the Narrow Gauge trail below the finish line of the 2017 U.S. Alpine Championships Super G. Red and blue gates snake down the course, which begins near the Spillway Crosscut and features a vertical drop … Continue reading

Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation

Whether we are skiing through the first rays of the morning sun while making lazy turns on Sunday River’s Dream Maker trail, or kayaking off the coast of Harpswell, we need a certain amount of strength and coordination to navigate … Continue reading

At Home On Hawk Ridge

Not far from Bradbury Mountain, in the woods of Pownal, is a small homestead located at the end of a dirt road. A broad swath of lawn edges up against a carefully laid garden, featuring hay-cushioned rows of beans and zucchini. … Continue reading

Medicine at the Museum

Two lifeless geese lie on a jagged dune between sparse tufts of vegetation. Three of their brethren have taken to the sepia-toned skies above. Is it possible that a hunter is poised just beyond our view? Is there a deeper meaning to this … Continue reading

Joan Benoit Samuelson

Grasses bend and bow, rippling across the shaggy field. A salt tang seeps through the oceanside pines, and a ribbon of pavement lies ahead, ducking and rising over the hills in Freeport. The Maine roads have been a training ground … Continue reading

All Saints by the Sea

There are places in Maine where road signs are few, and travelers must depend upon the kind instructions of strangers—and a bit of intuition. Southport Island is one of these. Just past a marker for Pig Cove Road, an unassuming … Continue reading