Sugarloaf Mountain ski/skate

Open Slopes

Like many Maine children, I learned to ski at an early age. My sisters and I spent many January evenings bundled in oversized 80s-style parkas, snowplowing our way down the slopes of Lost Valley in Auburn on rental skis, in the company … Continue reading

Enjoying the Royal

Communities collaborate to create access to nature and nourishment for the soul.

Hypnosis + Healing

A former attorney helps clients harness the power of the mind.

Redefining “Ideal”

Using fashion as a medium, Maine businesses promote positive body image and embrace a look that transcends one size fits all. Her smile almost as big as her pregnant belly, Samantha Gregory walks confidently across the art gallery, sporting a pink … Continue reading

Room to Write

In a shed in her backyard, an author makes space to create.