Prioritizing Peace #165


How do we get to a place of peace? Usually by navigating through conflict. It can be difficult and uncomfortable to understand others who do not share our views. Today we speak with Tim Wilson and Moses Small from Seeds of Peace about the importance of truth, dialogue and mutual respect in conflict transformation. We also talk with Ted Coffin about how the Summit Project honors lives that are lost in the interest of peace.


Moses Small, a junior at Portland High and a Maine Seed in Seeds of Peace Program & Tim Wilson, Special Advisor to Seeds of Peace

Moses Small and Tim Wilson


Moses SmallĀ is a junior at Portland High School and considered a “Maine Seed” in the Seeds of Peace Program.


Tim Wilson has more than 50 years of experience in education, public service and athletic coaching. Currently, Tim serves as Special Advisor to Seeds of Peace, an organization that he has been with since its founding in 1993, and Director of its Maine Seeds Program. Until 2006, he was the Director of both the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine and the Seeds of Peace Center for Coexistence in Jerusalem.

Ted Coffin, volunteer with The Summit Project

Ted Coffin


Ted Coffin is a resident of Raymond, where he resides with his wife, Vicki, their dogs and horses. Ted has been a volunteer with The Summit Project since he met its Founder, David Cote, at The Run for the Fallen, Maine in 2013. Ted is an experienced hiker and loves to participate in a variety of endurance events and races. He has carried Stones from The Summit Project (TSP) on the inaugural Memorial Day hike, TSP at BSP and most recently on Cadillac Mountain, TSP at ANP. The Summit Project is the first of its kind in the nation and is a living memorial which is ensuring Maine Heroes are not forgotten.