Camp Sunshine #213

When children become seriously ill, their lives are forever changed—as are the lives of their families. For more than 3 decades, Camp Sunshine has been providing hope and help to families who are struggling with life-threatening illnesses.  Today we speak with Camp Sunshine executive director, Michael Katz, and psychosocial director, Nancy Cincotta, as well as Meg Dermody, mother of a Camp Sunshine Family.



Michael Katz, executive director

Michael Katz

Michael Katz is the executive director of Camp Sunshine. He has been involved with the camp since its inception in 1984. Michael is also active in the camp community and serves as a board member for both Maine Summer Camps and Maine Camp Experience.

Nancy Cincotta, Camp Sunshine's psychosocial director

Nancy Cincotta

Nancy Cincotta is Camp Sunshine’s psychosocial director, she works with campers and their families. She is on faculty at Mt. Sinai, after having worked there for 30 years.

Meg Dermody is a parent who's sun attended Camp Sunshine after he was diagnosed with high risk Medulloblastoma

Meg Dermody

Meg Dermody is a parent who visited Camp Sunshine with her family. Mother of Finn + Shayla, she grew up in South paris. She is an artist and art teacher. Her husband grew up in Portland. Their family became invoked in Camp Sunshine this year after Finn’s diagnosis with high risk Medulloblastoma.