Soul Music #214

The Maine music scene is vibrant and evolving. From experienced musicians who have played on the world stage, to hardworking newcomers who are making their voices known, we have a front row seat to a wealth of talent. Today we speak with singer-songwriters Jonathan Edwards and Lyle Divinsky, who are each bringing their soul-filled messages to the Maine community in unique ways.


Singer-songwriter Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards is a singer-songwriter who has written hit songs and has been playing for audiences all over the country for four decades. He has created 18 albums and has lived in 18 different zip codes.

soul musician Lyle Divinsky

Lyle Divinsky

In past 3 years this unsuspecting soul man continues to prove that he owns any stage that he walks his bare feet onto.  His contagious comfort breeds love and light to any crowd, bringing even the most sterile crowd to group sing-alongs fueled by love.   He has been featured on national television as one of FuseTV’s artists to watch and was awarded the Songwriters Hall of Fame Abe Olman Scholarship (of which John Legend received in 2002).