Beyond Maine Borders: Haiti & Africa #255

Photography by Nicole Wolf  & Up from Under

Many talented Mainers are working on projects that benefit people around the globe. Today we speak with two people who have used their skills to help out after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Pamela White spent several decades with the United States Agency for International Development, and served as the Ambassador to Gambia and Haiti. Nicole Wolf founded the organization Up from Under, raising money to build houses in Haiti.


Nicole Wolf

Nicole Wolf is a Maine based commercial photographer and after a volunteer trip to Haiti in 2010, she founded the organization Up from Under. Up from Under aided in building sustainable housing for four Haitian families as well as providing funding for micro financed job opportunities.


Pamela White

Pamela White served the United States Ambassador to Haiti and Gambia. She was the head of a multimillion dollar aid program in Mali, Tanzania, and Liberia. Originally from Auburn, she now lives on Orr’s Island with her husband, Steve.