Transformation of Self #260

Our bodies are the physical vessels that contain our selves. What happens when these vessels do not reflect the people we understand ourselves to be? Today we speak with singer-songwriter Cid Bullens and author and counselor Krista Haapala, about the transformations—physical, mental and emotional—that each has chosen to undergo.


Cidny Bullens

Cidny Bullens’ two-time Grammy nominee’s career has taken Cidney from singing back-up with Elton John and singing lead vocals on the Grease movie soundtrack—to having eight critically acclaimed solo albums, including the award winning album written after the death of her 11-year-old daughter Jessie, 1999’s Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth. Cidny has also co-written songs in Nashville, producing several charting singles and is one-third of “super-group” The Refugees with Wendy Waldman and Deborah Holland. Cidny wrote the musical Islands with Tony award winning producer John Wulp about life on an island in Maine, which was performed in September of 2001, just after 9/11, as a benefit to the victims, to a sold out audience on Broadway. In 2011, Cindy became Cidny, making the daunting decision to transition from female to male. Cid has written and created Somewhere Between: Not an ordinary life. and is now performing it around the country to rave reviews. For more information go to

Krista Haapala

Krista Hammerbacher Haapala is the author of Body 2.0 and Unlearn Moderation. Since founding her relationship coaching practice in 2005, Krista has worked with humans of every stripe in creating fiercely fulfilling lives. Krista savors Maine life by mountain biking, sailing, and trail running. She also loves helping people get fit and has fun owning CrossFit Beacon with her husband, Brian. Together they live a few steps from the woods with two awesome teenage sons. For more information go to