Kids, Community & Coffee #280

What do we do when we find a need, whether in our own communities or in other parts of the world? Today we speak with Katie Wallace and Katie Brown, who are helping ease the hunger of Maine schoolchildren through their work with The Locker Project. We also discuss the coffee community and the positive impact of fair trade and organic practices with Bard Coffee co-founder Bob Garver.


Katie Wallace & Katie Brown

Katie Wallace is the president and founder of the Locker Project, which works with southern Maine schools to create programs for providing students with healthy class-time snacks and take-home food. Katie Brown is the executive director and co-founder of the organization.

Bob Garver

Bob Garver has been roasting coffee for 25 years. He and his wife and partner, Carmen, own both Bard Coffee, a roaster and retailer in Portland’s Old Port specializing in single origin, micro-lot coffees, and Wicked Joe Organic Coffees, a wholesale coffee roasting company in Topsham specializing in organic and fair trade-certified coffees.