Brain Training & T’ai Chi #291

We all have within us what we need to be healthy. Today we speak with two people who are helping others create and reinforce optimal patterns for wellness within the brain and body. Pamela Blodgett is a counselor and educator who practices neurofeedback and biofeedback. Ken Ryan is the founder of Maine Coast Taijiquan, where he instructs students in t’ai chi and qigong.


Pamela Blodgett

Pamela Blodgett is board certified in neurofeedback and trained as a counselor and educator. For 30 years she has worked with adults, families and children with different abilities. In 2011, she added neurofeedback to her skillset as a therapist and educator. Her Kittery office offers counseling, biofeedback and neurofeedback services in a rural setting with walking paths and a labyrinth. She uses state-of-the-art equipment including pRoshi, HPN neurofeedback, brainmaster for q-EEG assessments, and the Wild Divine for biofeedback training.

Ken Ryan

Ken is founder and chief instructor at Maine Coast Taijiquan, a t’ai chi and qigong school he opened in 2002. He holds classes at his studio in Freeport and in Brunswick. A graduate of Bowdoin College and Boston College School of Social Work, he has been involved in education, coaching, and healing arts for more than 45 years. His formal training in the Chinese internal arts of taijiquan and qigong started in 1996 when he was introduced to Yang-style taijiquan and qigong with Master Yang, Jwing-Ming. In 2008 he began studying Chen-style taijiquan with Master Wang, Hai Jun. In addition to teaching healing and martial arts, Ken is a licensed clinical social worker with over 35 years of experience working in the mental health field, specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders and in working with athletes on enhancing performance. He closed his clinical practice last year and is now devoting his full attention to practicing, teaching, and promoting Chinese medicine and internal arts.