Summer Chapels #306

Summer chapels offer Maine residents and visitors of all denominations a unique setting in which to worship. Today we speak with the Reverend Kit Sherrill, who for many years served as the summer rector of the chapel of All Saints-by-the-Sea in Southport. We also speak with the caretaker of All Saints-by-the-Sea, Al Moses, whose great-grandfather began the tradition of worship at the site more than a century ago.


Reverend Kit Sherrill

Kit Sherrill was born in 1935 in Warm Springs, Georgia. His father was raised on a farm in North Georgia, and his mother was from the East End of London. Her death, just after he turned two, initiated a basic pattern in his life—moving often. By the age of six he had lived in Georgia, then England, and moved back again to George before finally settling in western Pennsylvania, where he lived until going to college and serving in the U.S. Navy. He and Leigh were married in 1960. Following three years at Yale Divinity School and his ordination as an Episcopal priest in 1965, Kit and Leigh continued to move—Missouri, Maryland, Maine, and more. But they kept returning with their children for summer vacations to Southport, Maine. During many of those summers, he served as summer rector of the chapel of All Saints-by-the-Sea in Southport. Following retirement in 2001, they moved into our their house on Southport, finally settling down again after years of moving around. Although almost fully retired, he occasionally officiates at a baptism, wedding, or funeral, as well as the service on Christmas Eve at 10 p.m.

Al Moses

Al Moses is the caretaker of All Saints-by-the-Sea, an Episcopal summer chapel in Southport. Moses lives next door to the chapel in a home built by his great-grandfather more than a century ago.