June LaCombe and Bill Ginn

Bill Ginn formerly served as the chief conservation officer of the Nature Conservancy and its chief conservation programs officer. He also served as director of Global Forest Partnership of the Nature Conservancy, an international nonprofit conservation organization. As Chief Conservation Programs Officer, Mr. Ginn leads the place-based conservation arm of the Nature Conservancy, which currently spans 32 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific as well as North America and works to advance the organization’s most significant projects and strategies. As director of the Global Forest Partnership, he helped the Nature Conservancy protect over three million acres of forestland through dozens of innovative deals. Before joining the Nature Conservancy, Ginn developed one of the first major U.S. organic recycling companies, which was later sold to a Fortune 500 solid waste company. He serves as advisory board member at BPI Energy Holdings. He has also taught courses in economics and environment as a visiting faculty member at the College of the Atlantic, and he is the author of Investing in Nature, a book about engaging the private sector in conservation policy.

June LaCombe is an independent arts consultant specializing in New England sculpture. She curates and sites sculpture exhibitions in Maine and oversees sales, delivery, siting, and installation for clients throughout the country. Her outdoor shows feature sculpture in a variety of mediums including granite, slate, marble, bronze, wood, stoneware, and steel. Interior sculpture is shown at her home, Hawk Ridge Farm, in Pownal.