Sarah Prak

Art Director, Special Projects and Annual Guides

What brought you to Maine/why have you chosen to live in Maine?
I was born and raised in southern Maine and haven’t really left (aside from leaving for college)—it’s beautiful here and the only place I’ve called home. We have the ocean, mountains, forests, and lakes all within a 20-minute drive from each other. I moved to Portland five years ago and have loved every single moment—especially the booming food scene. I love food.

Who is your favorite Maine author?
Stephen King!

What is your favorite winter activity in Maine?
I’ve been an avid snowboarder since the 8th grade and have held annual Sunday River/Sugarloaf season passes—up until 2016, when I injured my lower back. I am currently in recovery and I hope to get back to my favorite winter activity very soon.

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