Susan Axelrod

Editor, Special Projects and Annual Guides

What do you most enjoy about your job?
What I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity it’s given me to travel around the state, to meet fascinating people and to learn something new all the time. I also love that through my work I get to spotlight the best of Maine, from restaurants and cultural institutions to educational programs and philanthropic organizations—and of course the individuals that make them notable.

What makes someone a true Mainer?
I know there’s a long-held belief that you’re not a true Mainer unless you were born here, and in some parts of the state that extends to your parents or even grandparents being born here. But I think those of us who come here “from away” can achieve true Mainer status by embracing life in our adopted state and contributing to it in a positive way. I believe I do that. I chose to move to Maine because I love it, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

What is one place in Maine you have never visited but want to?
I have never visited Baxter State Park, or climbed Mount Katahdin. It’s my goal to do both in the summer of 2019, and to camp in the park for a day or so before and after the climb.

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