Taylor Adams

Graphic Designer

What’s your favorite place in Maine and why?
I am for sure a city person so I like Portland. Relative to its size, there is a lot of food, drink, and design in the city. That, in combination with being so close to the ocean and running paths, makes it my favorite place to be in Maine.

What is your favorite story about Maine history?
There was a group of Christian pilgrims, who traveled on a ship from Maine to Israel, in hopes of fulfilling a biblical prophecy to resettle in the Holy Land. On a trip to Tel Aviv, I actually came across a home they reassembled, and this is how I discovered the story. It’s called the Maine Friendship House. I was expecting a totally different world from Maine, but I found a literal piece of home and I loved that connection!

What is a lifelong goal of yours?
I want to spend more time in a year traveling to new cities and countries than I spend at home. While traveling is one of my favorite things to do, I will always consider Maine as an amazing place to come back to.

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