Breathe #9

Living is breathing–but how well are you accomplishing this important task?  This week we discussed the importance of breathing in all areas of wellness. We conversed about clean air, public speaking, mindful living, and enjoyment of the outdoors. Of particular focus was the relevance of smoking to poor physical health: smoking is responsible for 21% of deaths world wide; 52% percent of preventable deaths are from lung cancer.

Guests this week included: Dr. Dora Mills from the University of New England, communications coach Seth Rigoletti, and Tom Doherty and Heather Petrlik from Camp Ketcha.


Dr. Dora Anne Mills, vice president for clinical affairs at the University of New England

Dr. Dora Anne Mills

Dr. Dora Anne Mills, MD, MPH, FAAP is the vice president for clinical affairs at the University of New England.  Dr. Mills is a Maine native who was raised in Farmington, graduated from Bowdoin College, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Pediatric Internship and Residency Program, and the Harvard School of Public Health. She is a board-certified pediatrician who practiced as a hospitalist in Los Angeles and in a pediatric practice in her hometown of Farmington.

Dr. Mills served as director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention for 15 years. She is widely recognized for her public health accomplishments, including reducing Maine’s rate of tobacco use, teen pregnancy and childhood obesity.

Dr. Mills’ work has been well recognized. Among her awards are: the 2007 American Medical Association’s Dr. Nathan Davis Award;  the 2010 American Academy of Pediatrics Special Achievement Award for her work addressing the 2009 H1N1 pandemic by distributing vaccines through Maine’s schools and the 2010 McCormack Award from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers.

Seth Rigoletti, communication coach and founder of the Valico Group

Seth Rigoletti

Seth Rigoletti a communication coach,  has worked with politicians, engineers, scientists, executives and authors to teach them how to have greater presence, communicate in a clear fashion and deliver a more impactful message.  The focus of his work is on genuineness and resonance, helping clients to be more persuasive in their communication, feel more like themselves while doing it and reach more people with their message. Seth is the founder of the Valico Group.

Seth Rigoletti is passionate about helping people get the clarity they need so that they can have the impact they want. He has coached individuals and teams to be engaging presenters, taught workshops on communication and leadership, and given presentations on better leadership presence. He excels at transforming the complex into simplicity and confusion into clarity.

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Our “Give Back” segment featured Tom Doherty and Heather Petrlik from Camp Ketcha in Scarborough.

Tom is the Camp Ketcha Executive Director and Heather is a Camp Ketcha board member. Camp Ketcha is a year round non-profit organization serving the southern Maine community with programs in youth development, family enrichment and summer day camping. The 107 acres of meadows, forests, streams and wetlands at Camp Ketcha are essential to their mission, as they strive to get children, youth and families outdoors to appreciate what nature has to offer.

Camp Ketcha will hold their 5th Annual Fall Fundraiser, the “Martini Madness & Auction,” on Saturday, November 19th 2011, from 7:00 pm-11:00 pm.

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