A Guide to Maine Stargazing

Where to find the darkest skies, tips and tricks for budding astrophotographers, and future celestial events to watch for.

How We Live

One Reason to Try Skydiving: Perspective

We are ten thousand feet in the air, packed into the belly of a tiny Cessna plane as it circles above Biddeford. Eight thousand...

Grieving My Mother One Year Later

We buried Mom last July. She had passed away in February 2021, but due to COVID—and the ground being hard in winter—my sister and...

Coming Home to Maine

I was scanning Manana Island’s gnawed grass coastline for a sign of the rogue goat I had just been stalking from across the channel....


Returning to Round Pond

Following looping routes to and from Round Pond on the Pemaquid Peninsula, seafood spots and shops, coves, and villages come to life for summertime along Muscongus Bay.