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Trailblazers, #101

It takes a certain bravery to follow the road, as poet Robert Frost put it, “not taken.” Not everyone likes to tread down these lesser-walked paths, but for those who do, the rewards—and the risks—are great. These fearless souls, these trailblazers, are people who enact change, who choose to step forward into uncharted teritory rather than cruise along the time-honed roads.

This week on the Dr. Lisa Radio Hour, we speak with several trailblazers who are leading the charge against childhood hunger. First, we talk with Billy Shore, who founded the national organization Share Our Strength in 1984. Next, we meet Sam Hayward, chef and co-owner of Fore Street and early supporter of Share Our Strength Maine.


Billy Shore

Billy Shore

“Usually the odds are so formidable when you’re trying to change something like hunger or climate change or poverty that you have to have a little bit of willingness to break the rules. If you just do things in the conventional way, you’re probably going to get conventional results. When people ask what we look for in new hires at Share Our Strength, I always say ‘jaywalkers.’ I don’t want someone who is just going to stand there, waiting for the light.”

Billy Shore is the founder and chief executive officer of Share Our Strength, a national nonprofit that is ending childhood hunger in America. Shore founded Share Our Strength in 1984 with his sister Debbie and a $2,000 cash advance on a credit card. Since then, Share Our Strength has raised and invested more than $376 million in the fight against hunger, and has won the support of national leaders in in business, government, health and education, sports and entertainment.

Sam Hayward

Sam Hayward

“People that live in Maine tend to be incredibly generous and have a strong communitarian spirit. When there’s a need, and people find out about a need, they have no problem rallying for a cause. I think we also love being in beautiful places… what’s better than a Maine summer? It’s just the sweetest experience anyone can have.”

In 1996 Sam Hayward opened Fore Street Grill, a brick building on the fringes of Portland’s Old Port district. Hayward received a coveted James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Northeast. He has also been named Best Chef by Casco Bay Weekly. He has been featured in Atlantic Monthly, Saveur, Food Arts, Wine Spectator, and The New York Times, and Gourmet Magazine has rated Fore Street Grill 16th out of 50 Best American Restaurants.

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