LifeFlight #142

As the wellness editor for Maine magazine, it is my great pleasure to interact with many talented, committed individuals who are impacting the lives of people in our state. Today we speak with people who deal with life—and death—on a daily basis: LifeFlight Medical Director Norm Dinerman, Executive Director Tom Judge, Nurse Missy McCann, and Paramedic Frank McClellan. They are joined by K.C. Ford, whose life was saved after her plane crashed off of Matinicus. We know you will be inspired by this story.

For more on the LifeFlight crew, read the Maine magazine story: “LifeFlight: Taking to the Skies to Save Lives.”


Melissa McCann, nurse on LifeFlight crew, Dr. Lisa Belisle of Love Maine Radio, K.C. Ford, patient, Frank McClellan, paramedic with LifeFlight

LifeFlight crew

Pictured here is the LifeFlight crew. From left to right: Melissa McCann, nurse, Dr. Lisa Belisle, K.C. Ford, patient, who survived plane crash injuries, and Frank McClellan, paramedic.

Norm Dinerman, Lifeflight Medical Director and Tom Judge, Lifeflight's Executive Director

Tom Judge and Dr. Norm Dinerman of LifeFlight

From left to right: Tom Judge is LifeFlight’s Executive Director. and Dr. Norm Dinerman is LifeFlight’s Medical Director.