Old Port Adventuring #155

It has been said that publishing is dead, but we at the Maine Media Collective know that publishing is merely transitioning, and that we have the opportunity to make a good thing even better. As wellness editor, it has been my privilege to share the good news about health with Maine magazine readers since January. In June, we launched Old Port magazine, which focuses on the goings-on around the Portland peninsula. Today we speak with Jen DeRose, editor of Old Port, and Kevin Thomas, publisher of Old Port, Maine and Maine Home + Design magazines, for a behind-the-scenes look at this exciting addition. We also speak with Zack Anchors and Erin Quigley of Portland Paddle, who are featured in the September issue of Old Port.


Kevin Thomas, publisher of Maine Media Collective

Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas is the publisher of Maine Media Collective, which produces Maine and Maine Home+Design magazines as well as the latest Old Port magazine. The company also runs The Brand Company and Art Collector Maine, and hosts the Kennebunkport Festival each year.

Jen DeRose, managing editor of Old Port magazine and the editor-at-large of Maine and Maine Home+Design magazines

Jen DeRose

Jen DeRose works at Maine Media Collective as the managing editor of Old Port magazine and the editor-at-large of Maine and Maine Home+Design magazines.

Zack Anchors and Erin Quigley, owners of Portland Paddle

Zack Anchors and Erin Quigley

Zack Anchors and Erin Quigley are the owners of Portland Paddle. Zack is a Maine native who lives on Munjoy Hill a few blocks from the East End Beach. During his 14 years as a guide, Zack has led countless kayaking and canoeing trips throughout the coast of Maine, and in Mexico, British Columbia, Ontario and Alaska. He is licensed as a master Maine Guide and is certified as an instructor by both the American Canoe Association and Paddle Canada. He is a wilderness first responder and he has received certifications in wilderness water safety and swiftwater rescue. Outside of his work as a kayaking guide and instructor, Zack is a  journalist, writer and teacher. He grew up in Old Town, Maine.

Erin grew up exploring New Hampshire’s waterways by canoe and kayak.  Backpacking trips in the White Mountains inspired her lifelong love of the outdoors. Erin has an MS in natural resources and has spent many years working for environmental conservation and outdoor recreation non-profits, including the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and the Maine Island Trail Association, two New England long-distance water trails. Visit http://kingfisherconservation.com/ for more about Erin’s conservation work. She is a certified Wilderness First Responder, Registered Maine Guide, and American Canoe Association certified coastal kayaking instructor.

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