Homeward Bound #212

Our homes provide us with much more than safety and warmth—they offer a place to retreat from a sometimes chaotic world and nourish our souls. Unfortunately, homelessness is an ongoing and ever present issue in Maine. Today we speak with Navy veteran and Preble Street advocate Thomas Ptacek, who experienced a year of homelessness, and with Camden National Bank president, Greg Dufour, about an innovative program called Hope@Home.


Greg Dufour, president of Camden National Bank and the man behind the program Hope@Home

Greg Dufour

Greg Dufour is the president of Camden National Bank. Greg believes that the strength of the bank is only as strong as the communities they serve. Recently, he saw a growing need for assistance, and conceived of the innovative Hope@Home program. For every home it finances, Camden National Bank donates $100 to a homeless shelter in the community of the new homeowner, providing support and hope to neighbors living without a home.

Thomas Ptacek, Preble Street's Veterans Healthcare Outreach Community Organizer

Thomas Ptacek

Thomas Ptacek is Preble Street’s Veterans Healthcare Outreach Community Organizer. Thomas has experienced homelessness and was an advocate for Homeless Voices for Justice. He is on the boards for Community Homestay of Maine and The Milestone Foundation.