Following Bliss #229

Mythologist and philosopher Joseph Campbell is perhaps best known for his suggestion that we “follow our bliss.” Today we speak with two individuals who—separately and without prompting—referenced this quote in their interviews, and described the ways in which they have attempted to do just that.  Our guests are Deirdre Nice, executive director of St. Lawrence Arts, and landscape artist Jane Dahmen. We hope they inspire you to find ways to follow your own bliss.


Deirdre Nice

Deirdre Nice is the executive and artistic director of St. Lawrence Arts. She is the co-founder of Silly’s Restaurant on Washington Avenue in Portland.

Jane Dahmen

Jane Dahmen is a landscape artist based on the midcoast. She is considered a contemporary realist. She is working with the Lincoln Theater to bring artists and creators who are making a substantial contribution to Maine in front of a live audience for one-on-one conversation.