Tea Time #230

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. We Mainers love our tea—and have many ways in which to enjoy this healthful and nourishing drink. Today we speak with Ray Marcotte and Ellen Kanner of Dobrá Tea, and with Sarah Richards of Homegrown Herb and Tea, about types of tea, how tea is best enjoyed, and what specific benefits we may derive from drinking tea. You will love this informative episode.


Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards is the owner of Homegrown Herb and Tea. From her tea shop on Munjoy Hill, which she has owned since 2006, she concocts her own blends often referencing Ayurvedic medicine and Western herbalism.

Ellen Kanner and Ray Marcotte

Ellen Kanner and Ray Marcotte own Dobrá Tea on Exchange Street in Portland. Inspired after a visit to a Dobrá Tea Room in Burlington, Ellen and Ray wondered how they might open their own in Maine.Having done everything from farming to teaching yoga to software design, travel photography and film production, Ellen and Ray were up for yet another adventure and opened a tearoom in 2011. They moved to their Exchange Street location in 2014.