Happy Lawns, Healthy Waters #243

Photo by Production Manager Joel Kuschke

In Maine we are highly aware that what we do with our little corner of the planet has a direct impact on the greater world around us.  Today we explore the topic of healthy lawns, and their relationship with local waters and the ecosystem at large. Our guests include Amy Witt & Frank Wertheim of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and Mary Cerullo & Ivy Frignoca of Friends of Casco Bay


Amy Witt

Amy Witt is the home horticulturist at University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Cumberland County.

Frank Wertheim

Frank Wertheim is an Associate Extension Professor of Agriculture/Horticulture with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension based in York County.

Mary Cerullo

Mary Cerullo is an award-winning author of 21 non-fiction children’s books on the ocean, as well as handbook for teachers on using children’s literature in the science classroom. Her latest book is Shark Expedition. Mary is the Associate Director of Friends of Casco Bay and has over 40 years experience as a “science translator.” As such she has interpreted marine issues for the general public and for marine user groups through the New England Aquarium, the Maine/New Hampshire Sea Grant College Program, the Great Bay (NH) National Estuarine Reserve, and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.

Ivy Frignoca

Ivy Frignoca is the Casco Baykeeper. Before her role with Friends of Casco Bay, Ivy worked with the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) on issues facing Maine’s marine waters. She served as CLF’s Oceans, Clean Water and Clean Air Advocate throughout New England. Her professional experience also includes teaching marine biology and ecology, interpreting natural history, designing policies to protect and promote Vermont state parks and forests, and advocating for stronger environmental protections for Lake Champlain.

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