Harvest and Health #264

Autumn is a time for gathering what we have grown; for nourishing ourselves in preparation for the winter ahead. Today we speak with guests who are offering events during which we can nourish ourselves. Stefanie Manning is the new co-owner of Harvest on the Harbor, a multi-day food and drink event being held here in Portland. Alban Maino and Dr. Sarah Kotzur will be discussing the upcoming Symposium on Integrative Health in Sports Practice, being presented by the Center for Health Leadership.


Stefanie Manning

Stefanie Manning and Gabrielle Garofalo are partners in S&G, LLC, the new holding company for Harvest on the Harbor. Their partnership began over twenty years ago when they started working together at Newsweek magazine in New York City. Since then they have remained business colleagues and friends with a passion for marketing, events, and all things culinary. In 2010, when working together on a multi-day event for O, The Oprah Magazine, they decided to put our talents and resources together to create their own business. In 2016 that was realized with the purchase of Harvest on the Harbor from the Greater Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau, who created the event in 2008. They are honored to have the opportunity to take this brand to the next level. Their vision for Harvest on the Harbor goes well beyond a multi-day food and drink festival. Their mission is to use this event to celebrate everything about the food and drink culture in Maine and to have a lasting and residual impact on the Maine food economy.

Photo by Ted Axelrod

Alban Maino & Dr. Sarah Kotzur

Alban Maino is the program director for the Center for Wellness Leadership. Alban is the founder of Memory-Lane.Tv, a therapeutic, non-pharmaceutical approach to caring for people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, through interactive multi-sensory stimulation. Alban also serves as the vice president of the Institute of Life, a France-based organization that supports alternative medicine in Europe. At the Institute of Life, Alban worked to develop a network of resources surrounding complementary and alternative health care, and organized events and conferences related to alternative therapies. Alban was also the vice president of marketing at Melody Healthcare, where he launched the first 3D virtual museum of medicine in 2000. A Maine resident since 1995, Alban loves Acadia National Park and the wildlife of our state.

Dr. Sarah Kotzur, a speaker at the Center for Wellness Leadership’s 2016 Symposium, treats patients of all ages for conditions including fatigue, insomnia, thyroid problems, hormone imbalance, and digestive disease at her Portland office. She is a family practice naturopathic doctor, author, teacher, public speaker, and has been featured on television, radio, and print media. She developed and taught one of America’s first naturopathic medicine curriculums at the undergraduate level. She currently teaches medical sciences at Maine’s only homeopathic training program, Baylight Center for Homeopathy. She is past president of the Maine Association of Naturopathic Doctors.