Love Maine Radio #323: Leigh Kellis + Sal Scaglione and Dana Heacock

Today’s guests are Leigh Kellis, owner of Holy Donut and Abacus Gallery owners, Sal Scaglione and Dana Heacock.


Leigh Kellis, Holy Donut

Leigh Kellis is the owner of Holy Donut. This past year, she was selected as U.S. Small Business Administration’s Maine Small Business Person of the Year. Leigh started the Holy Donut in 2011 from a deep craving for donuts. Maine, as the land of potatoes, seemed to be perfect for launching a potato donut business. In about six years, the business has evolved into three stores and now employs 80 people. Leigh is mom to a ninth grader and spends most of her time now doing the social media and public relations aspects of the business, and she’s always thinking about the next steps for Holy Donut.

Sal Scaglione and Dana Heacock, Abacus Gallery

Sal Scaglione and Dana Heacock are the owners of Abacus Gallery, which was started in 1971 as a small shop and has now grown to several locations around Maine. Both former students at Rhode Island School of Design, Scaglione and Heacock have curated a series of stores that highlights unique American craftsmanship.