Love Maine Radio #333: Jill Hinckley and Dr. Robert Snyder

In this weekend’s episode, Dr. Lisa Belisle talks with Jill Hinckley, owner of Hinckley Introductions, and Dr. Robert Snyder, president of the Island Institute.



Jill Hinckley, Hinckley Introductions

Jill Hinckley was born in Ellsworth and grew up in Southwest Harbor. Her grandfather, Henry R. Hinckley, started Hinckley Yachts in 1928. Growing up in Maine and participating in the boating community has given her the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of people. At Hinckley Introductions, her matchmaking and coaching agency, she focuses on connecting people on a personal and meaningful level.

Dr. Robert Snyder, the Island Institute

Dr. Robert Snyder is president of the Island Institute. He is responsible for working with island and coastal leaders in Maine to identify and invest in innovative approaches to community sustainability. He oversees the Institute’s efforts to share solutions with communities that are experiencing similar challenges to their sustainability elsewhere. His background is in cultural anthropology, and his research and writing have focused on community economic development and the cultural politics of natural resource management. He also writes a monthly column for The Working Waterfront.